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When squirrels fall

Squirrels are a symbol of conservation, storage, activity, preparedness. It may not been known but squirrels only find around 10% of the nuts that store. Therefore the squirrel shows that you can be over-prepared for things. It is all about balance. However, there is a deeper message in the fact that squirrels only find 10% of their nuts. This means that the ones that remain buried can seed. This means that squirrels are keep the growth of trees going. This links back to the age-old adage “You reap what you sow”. Some of what may seem like absent-mindedness those “seeds” that are planted in our lives that can still reap consequences. As a warning and something I have realised recently that some “forgotten seeds” can become weeds and they will reap negative consequences, so be aware of that. Squirrels are very social creatures and are often seen in groups. They are also vocal creatures and often communicating, especially during play or feeling threatened. In this way, squirrel represent the ability to communicate within social groups. They remind us to express ourselves efficiently and to honour others round us with our presence, and not to be rude or show inappropriate behaviour.


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