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Mabon with me

In many faiths, the apple is the symbol of the divine. Apple trees are a symbol of wisdom. The apple is a sacred symbol of the God and holds the knowledge of the ancestry within it. If you cut an apple through the middle it will reveal the pentagram hidden within it. While apples are the main symbol associated with Mabon, there are many others including squash and gourds, seeds and their pods, baskets, scythes and sickles, grapes and vines. This festival has a lot of food based symbolism as it was the time of big celebrations, or showing hospitality to those within your community. This was due to the fact that you may need to rely on them if you are the ones that run out of food. Therefore in rural villages especially, they was lots of feasting and drinking at this time. After all, grain can be made into bread or beer. At the feasting, tales are often told and at this time of years they are tales of death and rebirth, the two main ones being the tales of Demeter and her daughter, and Inanna entering the underworld. Modern Druids celebrate Alban Elfed which is still a celebration of light and dark. Asatru groups celebrate the Autumnal Equinox as Winter’s Night and celebration honouring Freyr.


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