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I am many people

An interesting conversation started recently about alter ego and how much of you are they? I write under the name Stormy and have always seen her as the dark version of me but I recently realised, (with the help of a new muse) that Stormy IS me, and Beverley is the person I am pretending to be. But ultimately are they not the same person. Yes and no is the easy answer to that, but what makes it more complicated is when the alter ego is actually a different gender to your own, whether this is writers like George Elliot, or even to transvestites and drag queens. Are we not all the same person just identified by different names. Like Goff suggested we put on different masks when we are back stage and front stage. Many people use different “personas” when around different people and some even use these alter ego to say or do things that they feel they can not do when they are “themselves”. This makes me thinks of a documentary about Nina Conti, a ventriloquist who says that her puppet “grandma” says all the rude and naughty things that she would like to say. If this is true then our alter egos are no more than puppet for us to voice what we feel in “reality”. Going back to my own alter ego of Stormy who was “created” as a mouth piece for my depression still leaves me with the question, which one is the real “me”?


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  1. That Rimbaud line suddenly came to mind: I is someone else.

  2. I am a spectator at the blossoming of my own thought. Think that was another part of his quote.
    I think to understand who we are we have to strip away the ideas that people have of us, often through the image that we ourselves project. Ego gets in the way, but I think understanding this helps us to get a clearer picture of who we are, and why we are.

    • I like that second part of the quote as well. But how do we know what part of us is us and what part of us is the others people perception of us.

      • Because other people’s perceptions of us is false. It has to be, because it is based only on limited information and perception.
        I can only speak for myself, but I am aware of the regard different people hold me in, be it in a positive or a negative light. I may play up to this, i may live up to an image or an ideal.But the reality is only I am conscious of every thought, every emotion,every attitude and every judgement I make. Some people are a ‘what you see is what you get’ type, others are very private, play-their cards-close-to-their-chest. Others may be repressed.
        Ourselves are the only ones we spend the whole,the WHOLE, of our lives with. At my center I know the real me. My personality in its totality-if I have any prejudices, any weaknesses, strengths, secrets, fears,loves, We can create images, personas, to hold before others, we can fulfill others perceptions of us, but we can never lie to ourselves. If we refuse to acknowledge it or not.
        That got a bit long-winded. Not sure if I made it as clear as I intended to.

  3. For me I am not so sure, obviously hence the article. I have always felt like I am two people both fighting for supremacy. Maybe I have a form of schizophrenia, I do not know enough to make that judgement.

    I think of myself as a dark and light person. During my teens I was dark, I was a goth and I suppose you’d say these days a emo. I met my ex and he changed me, he did not like the dark side and changed me to the light, ironically causing me to be more depressed and suicidal. After 6 years that relationship broke up and since then which is about three years ago I do not know who I am. Now I found someone who is bring the dark side out of me again and I do know to follow it or not. Since writing the article me and this person have come to conclusion that it need to a balance between me and Stormy (the dark half), that would be the real me.

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