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I waited in front of you, for you to tell me the truth.

My heart is broken and yet I am fine.

Still loving you and completely caught up.

My past is just a bedroom full of implements of cruelty.

Hold on loosely beautiful cos we are flirting with disaster.

Patiently I wait for you to take me to heaven.

Stone cold and so far behind, believing your act.

Damnation is waiting in the mirror if you only look.

Thunderstuck darling, I can not tell you why.

Lonely in the night, party is over but I love it.

When it is love, I will move all for you.

But it is lust, and the mark of the devil is upon me.

Pride, Joy, these things make me unsteady.

Push your love under the radar, over the skies.

Love bit me, in the disguise of a dark angel.

And in the mirror I see the real me.

Blackness in the way that we truly live.

Peace of mind I get in your bad company.

Runaway so I will never have to miss you.

In the silence of the mirror my eyes grow old.

Do you feel your heart yearn for sex with me?

I remembered those that wanted my body.

And yet I am coming home to you.

The devil’s waiting in the bathroom for my worthless soul.

But the world wont stop if we lie down together.

We owe it to ourself to be loving, and touching.

Blurred lines between my prison and salvation.

In the mirror I see laughter and fornication.

Music sounding like guns are telling me to let go.

White wedding for the lunatic fringe.

Free to be dazzlingly crazy when I finally break.

My true love’s face is broken like the mirror.

Goodbye to me, to you, to the person in the mirror.

Cause now we are all one amazingly sweet emotion called love.



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