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You opened Pandora’s Box, my darkly Gemini.
You opened my forgotten mind, my bony foe.
You opened my bedsit heart, my likeable brother.
You opened my blinding legs, my filthy stripper.
You made me crazy for you, my notoriously violent.
You made me seize the day, my devilish saint.
You made me promise everything, my fantasising pain.
You made me die like a martyr, my lost soul.
You turned me into your mistress, my healing belladonna.
You turned me into a bitch, my happy inquisitor.
You turned me into a child, my poetic Cassandra.
You turned me into a memory, my dark wolf.
I danced at your requiem, my red eyes and tears.
I sung at your crucifixion, my special angst.
I polluted your good things, my doomed kisser.
I wrote your story into my own, my vampiric perfection.
I am a bad loser and lonely, my departing light.
I am the frozen Autumn, my solar reflection.
I am the darklands, dead zone, my deaden heaven.
I am an electric friend, my loving raven.
I am eternally yours but are you even briefly mine?


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