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Angel and Demon

As I don my perfectly white wings,
Looking for nothing but poetic fun.
I did not realise what lie ahead,
Lust was the web that was spun.
In the magnificent Gothic hall,
A dashing demon came my way.
I thought I could save your soul,
Instead I become your immortal prey.
You came up to me, kissed my neck,
Your touch was like a floating dream.
I was going to give myself to you,
And you were going to make me scream.
Your hands brushed my loneliness aside,
You whisper seductively “Don’t worry”
Holding my breath, you spun me around,
I whisper back “Quickly, let’s hurry”.
I see the excitement in your face,
As you push me onto the table.
You spread my legs, expose my breasts,
This is more than a twisted fable.
The moon shone on our sweaty bodies,
As you entered my forbidden land.
You have taken away every breath,
With the merest touch of your hand.
Taken to the otherside of pleasure,
I had forget how good this could feel.
For you I was your dirty little angel,
You gave my life an erotic zeal.
Lost in the waves of paradise,
Our bodies came as a beautiful one.
We came together in a crescendo,
Nothing mattered but this moment of fun.
Our bodies quivered, our hunger abated,
You kissed me again, I was your swan.
“This will happen every time you need me”
You walked away into the breaking dawn.
I rearrange my dress and my thoughts,
Still depressively angelic I have to check.
I was not sure this has just happened,
Until I see the calling card on my neck.


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