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Mountain lions are a symbol of using leadership power wisely and without ego, balancing power, intention, strength, gaining self-confidence, freedom from guilt, cunning, take charge energy, physical grace, coming into ones own personal power. They show us that leadership is not a dictatorship. Dictators abuse their power, true leaders listen and involve their followers. Mountain lions show us the importance of responsibility and honesty. This is a balance of responsibility and strength and they shows us how to achieve this. Cherokee see the mountain lion as sacred as their can see in the dark. Native Americans see them as a symbol of being able to deal with problematic people, needing freedom and cunning in a positive way, in the form of inventiveness and skill. Mountain lions are a symbol of guardian, bravery and personal power, their energy is of intention, boundaries and freedom, and the magic their give us is of charisma and many lives. They are solitary hunters and are guardians of all their terrain. The mountain lion will chase off any others who threaten their terrain and this is a symbol of protecting what is precious to oneself.


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