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Clock time

Hopes are high my Autumn Queen,
For a Cadillac and haunted home.
You, Snow Queen is my original sin,
Butterflies became my binding comb.
Fading away like a dead line,
The widow is shivering, howling.
Don’t forget my Queen of fire,
The soul of swans is prowling.
In the spooky wonderland of moon-dust,
Honour me and my night-shift purity.
Angel of the afterlife is frozen.
The last butterfly garden, my security.
The mystery of the black swan,
Is the masquerade of escaping hell.
Once I was the one who could love,
Daisies in my hair and I am a belle.
The silence of the moon spirit,
Spooky Valentines are the gravity of loves.
I am a vamp far away from you,
Butterflies that turn into colour-blind doves.
Sweet nightmare in the forests of denial,
When it hurts that I am burning.
Elixir leads to dark vanity on fake wings,
The death of this swan is beyond yearning.
This blind witch dances in pink Autumn,
The ruins of the forest told me of your lies.
Missing people are usually spirit eaters,
Got a feeling of illusions of skies.
A melody of self-destruction, fallen angel,
The sacrifice would be my burning heart.
The carnival is over, this is the last song,
Lilith is by the eating tree making art.
Exit are the tears of the underworld,
Maleficent, cardinal, my heart is dying.
The rooms of windows show the midnight ride,
White nights, my spider witch is crying.
Garlands presents a cold presence,
Bubbles of freedom become a fairy.
Butterflies taste of death, call me name,
Beauty of life is sweet as a cherry.
Heaven on earth was never was or will be,
Take my life and save my soul.
Kingdom of emptiness full of blue fish,
The room of silence I take a stroll.
Your signs show a mermaid in distress,
Sounds of spring sings a dreamy farewell.
Heart of this fairytale is your ghost,
Faded is the bubbles of a rebel.
Soul sister with a spirit of freedom,
Tears of an razor-blade angel is my sin.
In the year of the tiger, hawthorn month,
The reflection of death stole everything.
You stole my heart, memories wont fade,
Valentine white was the soul stealer.
Fallen was the Goddess of the abyss,
Vampire hearted and yet a healer.
Evanescent mind causes the break down.
Fallen angel hears the sounds of the night.
Lotus flower is dead and yet divine,
Survivor that is still in love with the light.
Wonderland homes the black winged angel,
In the mystic night, you belong to me.
Meeting fear is beyond sorcery and theft.
Forest nymph is unable to feel and flee.
Eternally yours is this cold love,
Voodoo girl has the soul of a fighter.
Lament, dark mother queen, that midnight song,
Snow white queen, can you get much brighter?
Paradise city lit by the magic of candles,
You and I are martyrs for love.
Unread snowflakes are a cause of envy,
Fire Goddess, the bleeding of a dove.
Erosion of the sultry blue seduction,
My dark-land is my gift to give.
Shadows and darkness are unleashed,
Damned and divine is how I live.
Snow white with a white hyper-fast soul,
The blessing is in black birds.
Nowhere land has the magic inside,
Wish you were here and to say the words.
Make a wish unless you are a snow queen,
End of words at the enchanted forest.
Heart of snow drowned in jaded sorrow,
Blue marsh is the face of a florist.
A drowning girl in a secret place,
Awaiting you, tears of the jester saint.
Dark angel frozen in a sleeping ocean,
Welcome to Avalon with its haunted taint.
Nostalgically I thought of lost dreams,
Winter romance by the magic of the moon.
Sisters of the night are my ego,
Elvish forest, dark side of the tune.
Violin dreams walk on to heaven,
Sisterhood alone amongst the rosy trees.
Insomniac to the bitter end,
But make me unhurtable please?


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