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A kind of Beltane

Beltane comes from the Gaelic word  ‘Beal-teinne’, which means Bel’s fire. Bel who is the Celtic sky God. Beltane being the opposite festival to Samhain, now indicates the time to return the cattle to the fields. As the name suggests Beltane is a fire festival and two sacred fire would be lit at dawn and all the cattle would pass between the two to be purified. Also people would jump smaller fires to also be purified. The fires symbolises protection, good fortune and fertility. However, water also plays an important part in Beltane celebrations. Wells were blessed and consecrated and wishes would be cast at this time of year. Dew collected on the morning of Beltane and made into a facial wash will guarantee a clear complexion as well as people sprinkled with Beltane dew will receive health and happiness.


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