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97 Dolphins

Dolphins are a symbol of change, wisdom, balance, harmony, communication skills, freedom, trust, water element Magick, life, breath, communication with nature, protection, psychic awareness, eloquence, freedom, magick, discovery, truth, kindness, play. Within Christianity dolphins are often seen as the symbol of Christ and they are used in Christian art to represent the resurrection. In other forms of the art the dolphin is symbolic of pureness of the heart. Ancient Greece has the dolphin carrying the souls of the deceased to Island of the Blessed. The dolphin, in Greek Tradition is also the companion of both Apollo (sun) and Aphrodite (moon). Therefore the symbolise of the dolphin can be split into solar and lunar symbolism, the solar being active, vibrant, and intelligence, and the lunar being intuition and dreams. The dolphin is connected to duality. The dolphin itself is both a fish and mammal, it is both a water and air breather and therefore is being of two worlds in one. There is not a great symbolic representation of yin and yang. The dolphin is also associated with Poseidon/Neptune, Eros/Cupid and Dionysus/Bacchus.



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