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Deer pressure

Deer (and stags) are a symbol of gentleness, healing, connection to the Earth and the forest, keen scent, grace, swiftness, being alert for any danger, psychic powers, innocence, love, kindness  sensitivity, pride, independence, purification, strength, nobility. The Celts believed that deer were a link to the fairy realm. Both Celts and Native Americans linked deer with herbs, as they always seemed to know where the best herbs could be found. The deer seems to speak of inner treasures within all of us. Does are also seen as having infinite generosity. They seem to radiate kindness. In China the deer is a symbol of good fortune and happiness. The deer is also associated with dawn, the moon and the East. In Greek mythology deer is associated with Artemis. In this sense it is the force of power that can not be subdued. They are part of every culture except Australia. They are also a symbol of regeneration as they shed their antlers every year. As this takes course over five years, these associations of the deer could be a part of your life for those five years. For some the antlers are representative of a spiritual antenna and the deer tells us to be more spiritual aware. Sometimes the deer energy represents that fight or flight mentality.


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