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Crow Angel

Crows are a symbol of guardian of the place before existence, carrier of souls from darkness into light, working without fear in darkness, guidance while working with shadows, moving freely in the void, understanding all things related to ethics, shape-shifter  secret magic of creation, thief, trickery, boldness, skill, cunning, single-mindedness, a bringer of knowledge, swiftness, eloquence. The crow is associated with life cycles and magick. The crow is seen as a provider of insight. While it is a sign of luck, it is also a trickster and therefore you have to be careful of being deceived. The crow will develop your sight, transform you, and connect you to the magic of life. However, the crow is also seen as a bad omen, death and black magick. It is also seen as the core of creation. Crows are strongly associated with magick, and have the ability to change their appearance. As crows are found all over the globe, it symbolise that magick is everywhere. When you see a crow observe its behaviour it will give you a clue to the magick that inhibits it. Because of the association with magick it is often seen as a totem animal for shamans who use the magick for transformation purposes.


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