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Broken Cobras

Cobras are a symbol of soul guides, memory of the soul world, transmutation of the soul, past life memories, wisdom of the Goddess, freedom from religious persecution. In Ancient Egypt the cobra with its hood was used to symbolise the sun, and in Lower Egypt it was the symbol of a variety of deities and kings. A cobra is often pictured with a vulture which is the symbol of Upper Egypt and the unification of the two lands. Cobras were also associated with the Underworld, as two spitting cobras were said to guard the gates to the Underworld. Both Hindus and Buddhist view the cobra as sacred. Hindu’s believe that snakes are immortal due to the shedding of their skin, and a snake eating its own tail is the symbol of Hinduism. Vishnu sits upon a thousand headed serpent and again is a symbol of eternity. While cobras are revered all year round, Nag-Panchami is a special day for cobra worshipping, and attendees ask for the protection and good will of the cobra.


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