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Snow fairy

This cold hearted angel is lonely.
My art is darkness, but my beauty is decay.
I do not want to be the last one standing.
Catch me as I fall and turn to grey.
Me the angel of mercy and my snow fairy.
I was to be your eternal bride.
If you ceased to exist I’d cry.
Spellbound, I thought you lied.
Snow fairy, angel of my soul.
We had love through the pain.
In the white waters I was dead.
You dragged me out by my red chain.
I was a mesmerized sleeping beauty.
The birds call me the lonely dame.
Wait, bleeding but still surviving.
Dancing to hide my blind shame.
Freedom, snow fairy was my pain.
Blood orchid you gave me snow fairy.
So we sailed the black ships.
Requiem to the broken cherry.
Lady of the crows and snow fairy.
Are left outside alone singing sad songs.
Through Gothic autumns, ocean whispers.
Russian kisses and black bird wrongs.
The Autumn is the my lonely heart.
Between the mirror I love you to death.
But the snow fairy is timeless.
I will wait for that love to my last breath.


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