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Words of a knight

Follow me into the nothingness dark.
Full of blood orchids and willow bark,
Damned memories and black feathers.
This queen is adorned in blessed leathers.
You are wrath’s little peacefully sad boy.
Wofhearted and full of reaper’s joy
We are prisoners of muteness.
No empty tears shed in cuteness.
Romantics of the dark lane.
Symphonies played in the brain.
Silent forests sing a sad song.
Tears for things that went wrong.
At the village of the doomed.
Living everyday to be consumed.
Red roses and bloody kisses.
Beautified by serpent hisses.
This fallen angel is thinking,
The bloody orchid is shrinking.
The queen of hearts and cats.
Disenchanted by reflective bats.
Forsaken, may I dream again?
My sweetest nightmare is lain.
Trapped within this red tale.
Wait for me within this jail.
That one magical clear night.
Vale of tears and royal might.
Little Miss Magic called her God.
Resurrected angel poked and prod.
Nearly entered the winter land.
Snow angel and Death was banned.
I hand a bleeding rose to my idol.
Eternal black bird song is bridal.
In the jungle of dreams I’m yours.
A chained prisoner all these years.
My ghosts are gaining on me.
Doll wars are beyond a plea.
Touch of red returns the feeling.
Out of the water and kneeling.
Red magical spell of sadness.
Unloved melody leads to madness.
Little fish spirits out of water.
Rest not in peace or empty slaughter.
Angel of death talks to the stars.
Angel of the sad talks to Mars.
Birds dream of freedom like the night.
Infernal majesty is my right.
Lonely forest of captured creatures.
The legend morning star my preacher.
While reaching for heaven’s door.
Queen of time, misfortune whore.
That magic night when I surrender.
The twilight is my lender.
Like there’s no tomorrow.
Snakes slither towards sorrow.
Raped of purity and barely alive.
Always there and dancing jive.
Beautifully sad my metallic words.
Some colour is amongst the birds.
Impossible love in this place.
Lonely days wrapped up in lace.
Burning the fall witch of the lost.
Lying, praying for gravity crossed.
Spiders take over this toxic city.
You, lightning thief are so pretty.
Sleeping butterfly and phantom queen.
Macabre and beautiful clean.
Instead of blood that was shed.
The lullaby words were read.
My heart remains broken.
Yet these words are spoken.


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