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Frigga is a Norse Goddess of fertility and marriage and is the wife of the all-mighty God Odin. Apart from Odin she is the only one allowed to sit on his throne Hlidskjalf, and is known as the Queen of Heaven. Hathor is the wife of the Sun God Ra, and is seen as the priestess of wives. She is often portrayed as a cow Goddess, and it is the role of a mother that she is most associated with. Later on she becomes associated with fertility, love and passion. Hera is the Greek Goddess of marriage and as the wife of Zeus, the Queen of all wives. While Hera’s love for Zeus (her brother) is undeniable, Zeus was never faithful to her, and most of Hera’s time was spent fighting off his lovers for part of his attention. Hera is associated with hearth, home and family relationships.


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