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Cupid is probably one of the most associated images with Valentine’s Day. Cupid is the Roman version of Eros, and is also a God of lust and carnal desires. He eventually becomes a watered-down version of himself, a chubby cherub, flying about and striking people with his arrows of love, a God of pure love and innocence. He especially loves matching up people in odd combinations and this caused his own demise after he falls for Psyche. Cupid is the son of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. The counterpart of Aphrodite. It is believed that she was the Goddess of gardens and fruitfulness but became more like Aphrodite. She is thought to be the ancestor of the Roman people and the lover of Vulcan. The cult of Venus was based in Lavinium and her temple was the site of a festival in her honour, Vinalia Rustica. Another temple was erected at Lake Trasimine after the Roman defeat.


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