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Bobcat saves us all

Bobcats are symbols of clear vision in dark places, vigilance, suspicion, seeking ancient mystical mysteries, ability to live in solitude, ability to see through masks. The ultimate symbol of patience. Bobcats are amazing hunters through the use of strength, strategy and patience. Bobcats tells us that we can achieve our goals through planning, adaptation and of course patience. Within society the Bobcat teaches us to be fully aware. We must be considerate with other in respect and love. Bobcat are usually solitary animals, and so Bobcats may be a sign that we need to step back from certain people and spent time alone. Alone time is important to reflect and regain our energy. Seeing a Bobcat may be telling us to take a break from everyone. Bobcats encourages us to be playful. Bobcats can be opportunists and therefore it encourages to take a chance and break the mould. Bobcats can also be a symbol of creativity and developing our senses.


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