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A decade under the boar

Boars are a symbol of the warrior spirit, leadership, direction, lust, gluttony, fertility, prophecy and magic. This is an animal that is strong, difficult to kill, and dangerous. Boars will face battles with nobility and bravery. He is a fierce fighter. To the Celt, the Boar is a magical creature. Boars head represents health, and power of life-force and vitality. The head is often part of Celtic ritual feasting. Boars are especially associated with the Celtic Goddess Arduinna, patroness of the Ardennes forests. He would be sacrificed as the Yule pig, served with an apple in his mouth. It is believed that eating meat from a boar’s head will restore health. There are also many myths that involve hunting a great boar. Irish myth has a divine boar who portents death and disaster. Finn McCool who was the elderly leader of the Fianna, arranged for Diarmuid, to be killed when boar-hunting figures were on altars after Finn’s wife ran away with Diarmuid. Twrch Trywth was turned into a boar and chased by King Arthur and his knights before diving into the sea. In the Mabinogion, Twrch is portrayed as an enemy of King Arthur. Tacitus, the Roman commentary alleged that the Celtic warriors wore boar skins instead of armour, believing that it would give them the power of “the Mother of the Gods” and would make them fearless in battle.


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