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Beaver Miracle

The beaver is a symbol of doing, building and gathering. Their buildings can change the entire flow of a river. This means as well as having an association with water, it has an association with the building of dreams. The beaver tells us to believe in our dreams and to build on that. You can the change the course of your life force to coax your dreams into reality. Due to the fact that it is a water creature it has links to emotions, psyche, motion, intuition and the subconscious. The beaver is more than a worker, it is a diligent worker. Their dams do not appear over night or by wishing them into existence. The beaver tell you that having dreams is great but you have to work at them. However, beavers are also social animals, and they also symbolise play and enjoyment, but this is especially done with the family. So while work is important, so is time spent with yourself and loved ones. The beaver does not like unbalance and sets out to put things right.



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