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Stop the patience

As you know I have been looking for love and even went on a date last month which was a great success, or so I thought. Life has a way of messing up any plans. He is going to Russia for six months because of work and has told me “not to wait”. This got me thinking about how easily people throw other people away. Why not wait? I am a very patient person, I waited two and half years for one gentleman for before he decided to return to his ex (and have since split up again), so six month is nothing. Maybe part of the issue is that we have had only had one date and maybe it is too early to put that sort of “demand” on the relationship. When you think of the World Wars and the loved ones that waited patiently and heroically behind for their men, in a time where communication was at a minimum, it takes on a sheen of sacredness. Although like most things the past is seen through rose-tinted glasses and from my own family heritage I know not all those women did wait and while the cat was away, those women played! Today it is easier to keep in contact with loved ones far away, (although I would imagine that in a war zone, little has changed). Technology has made it possible to not only message a loved one far away but to see them through video communication.

The effort to keep in contact with a loved one is so much easier these days, but we do not seem to want to make that small bit of effort. Do not get me wrong I am not saying that I cared enough for the person to wait six months, it is too early to know that, but I would have liked to have been able to try.


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