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Imbolc rain

At imbolc the Goddess is wearing her teacher, midwife, or foster mother hat. Commonly she is seen as Brighid, the keeper of the holy well and sacred flame. Water is important to life. Water that has comes from springs and wells are seen as especially sacred. As the Goddess is part of the earth, then the water is her lifeblood. We always feel more refreshed when we have drunk from a pure source. Fire is energy, the spark and the warmth of life. It keeps us warm and sustains us as it cooks food. As the sun and spring rain awakes and nourishes the plants beneath the earth, then the Goddess heals, inspires and awakes the creativity within us. Brighid is after all the Goddess of poetry. Brighid is the daughter of Daghda which means “the Good God”. Daghda is the God of abundance, food and plenty. He is a giant with a big club, which represents both life and death. It is shaped like a new shoot, but if you are hit over the head with it, it would kill you. This reminds us that both life and death are linked. The Daghda is an amazing force that is awaken by the suns rays and that we can all become giants.


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