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Let it rain in my soul

I was locked out of a banned heaven,
For a thousand years without liberty,
All I could do was scream and shout.
Rewind to a impossible hidden world,
Beyond six degrees of separation,
Radioactive liquid dream entities.
Close to the edge as angels die too,
When you believed I had a heart,
Burning with innocence and wrath.
Birth of a new star in the mind labyrinth,
In the south wind, we will be together,
Let the rain fall down young ladies.
A puppet dances shamanistic dances,
My book of memories becomes wallpaper,
The angel laments like the little mermaid.
The heartbreaking balance is deep inside,
Like a girl with a dead doll, it will rain,
The pounding drum beat is broken.
You lure me into your royal embrace,
You supply your joy in parting waves,
This sorceress wants your undying love.
My last witness stated forever guardian,
Love like blood, angels lament confessions,
Back in black to the empty symphony.
In perfect harmony, like broken dolls,
Luna’s song, requiem of optimism,
In the sleeping death I become a vamp.
Peaceful songs have wonderful wings,
The saint of all sinners on my last day,
Sacred gold is my proposal of love.
A black crow flies in November rain,
Flying like frozen bats, the death of summer,
I keep waiting for you restlessly.
Break this spell you have got me under,
Valentine at the lake of the dead screams,
On that side of reality I am broken.
Snowing at the lake is the prophecy,
As I sing one last song the wolves cry,
My autumn fairy has no love any more.
Frost eats me, yet I can touch the sky,
Innocent death dealer is bored to death,
Worlds collide as I kiss his feathers.
This unchained melody is my oasis,
Essence of evil is our lady of shadows,
He appeared in the heart of everything.
There is a white spirit in this lady in red,
My private show of autumnal vampirism,
I am mourning in the darkness within.
Devouring love, yet I can touch the sky,
A daywalker to the blue Halloween aquarium,
Kiss the pain, my lovely tree demon.
Cold as loveless snow my white dream,
In the field of paper flowers I strayed,
I was force fed lies, one hundred lies.
Dead lady wants freedom from bloody nights,
Keep your heart broken for infinity,
While the tiger lily meditates on war.
Love like winter is my seventh key,
Secrets is the butterfly effect, my water man,
Keeping watch on my poisoned fantasy.


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