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As Adder goes by

Adders are associated with transformation, healing, life energy, rebirth, resurrection, initiation, wisdom, cunning and reincarnation. The Celts and Native Americans saw the adder as being able to change shape and form and saw it as a symbol to change to a higher power. The Celts saw adders shedding skin, the loss of the old to be replaced by the new, therefore the skin has magical properties. It is believed that it draw thorns out the body, hung on the chimney like some macabre stocking will bring luck and hung in the rafters will prevent fires. Superstitions state that to see an adder by the front door is a death omen. Native American adder totem symbolises creation, immortality and psychic energy. It is a fire energy which in terms of emotions is charisma, intellect, and power and in terms of spiritually is wisdom and wholeness.


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