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Façade of Reality

On the shore I sing my midnight sonata,
About my dead hearted slavery to him.
I have the opportunity to shed Eve’s flowers,
It is the blood-lust that keeps me in bondage.
On a Elven path that would lead me to you,
Of this the cruellest child’s game of authority.
This enslavement started as a love story,
But quickly become a storm of servitude.
My lost and feeble soul was under your arrest,
I had within me the secrets of a woman.
This wicked night is full of burning redness,
I become the keeper of clandestine memories.
It was a poison candy of condemnation,
That led me to the choice of denial.
In the endless dark, the dance of the crows,
Drowning my diseased bones.
As a blood addict I find myself disturbing,
In light and death I was always dutiful.
Once upon a time I had an experience,
That I was lost in the ocean, flourishing.
I would walk away, become a fugitive,
Lost in my nightmare I put up my guard.
It was a masquerade this sanctuary,
Kiss of demons give anything but love.
Just breathe and ignore the hostility,
Play with me and sing me hymns.
Destiny is dead and intrigue kick starts,
Rest in peace my displaced issue.
The black widow is blinded by tears,
For the heart that I once had, who I was.
If that is what it takes to be free,
Not alone with the ghost of love.
I kiss the ivory tower of independence,
Lonely but finding liberty at last.
My sad soul flows like the wind,
Walking to heaven is like temporary insanity.
Just like the little girl inside, it is free will,
Play time of a release and freedom.
For tonight and all nights.


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