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Summon Love

All I ever wanted was love like deep water.
To be your black Goddess, the Oak king’s daughter.
The inner conflict being if I fall, there is no escape.
Looking into the abyss I see nothing taking shape.
The quest is to survive your winter’s kiss.
Like Ophelia on a lonely afternoon like this.
I am drowning in my wickedness and fears.
Roses in the forest cries my battle torn tears.
I am waiting for you to tell me your mystery.
Joyfully simplicity can not be all of your history.
The stag and the phoenix are my silent saints.
While the devil inside me continues to paints.
The deep silence of has left me bewitched.
Nightfall lead to my demise and I switched.
My nemesis came to the burning gathering.
So my loneliness could take a lathering.
Ever after meant leaving everything behind.
Remember me, the one that undid your binds.
I took all your pain away and waited for resurrection.
Wishing on that star and hoped for your affection.
Yet deep in my soul, you were not to be my guide.
Towards beauty, truth and guilt filled pride.
My wishes were wasted upon the tuneless night.
My heart was nothing but a briefest light.
My fall will be for you, my divine calling.
Rain of midnight in the final hour falling.
Her sweet vendetta was her hooks in deep.
And returning to her made me weep.
So I wait in the beautifully obscure snow.
Waiting for tomorrow is terribly slow.
Pearl drop snow flakes tell me I am there.
Empty memories means I no longer care.
Burning memories in the beautiful night.
You proposed eternity that you would fight.
I liberated your dreams from Lady Blue.
But reality shifted and I got the screw.
Rain and blood in the valley of pain.
Inspired trapped dreams in my brain.
Away from home I lost my death embrace.
Behind my blue eyes you will keep your place.
Breeding a beautiful killer because of him.
Go home baby, you are that dim.
Just before dawn when I am frozen.
Possession is tragedy I have chosen.
Staying in love with my sorrow.
Means I can not move to winters tomorrow.
Beyond my control is this empty vanity.
Dark ways lead to valentine’s insanity.
The laws of the future made our love a killer.
But this white witch is just a thriller.
This last leaf is poisoned with my songs.
To the upper worlds this was full of wrongs.
To her you returned and it broke my soul.
You will not complete me and make me whole.


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