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In the moonlight

On the way to Avalon I saw you there,
It was somewhere past twelve o’clock.
I stood there with my cold hard heart,
And skies slowly filled with furry bats.
I craved for something so much more,
I did not want to be alone to blasphemy.
You were my bad obsession, falling away,
Karma lead me to the Isle of apples.
Once upon a time, this benevolent fairy,
Did not want this vengeance of dark magic,
Or this pain in her soul, the song of all-times.
Yet here in my place of blissful harmony,
As I am about to take the moon boat home.
You stand there on the path I am about to walk,
I was your calling, more than a cute friend.
Together we created a creaked love story,
My beloved backstabber in a prison of dreams.
Fallen whispers crash down like Icarus,
Nevermore I will be the sole sorceress of Avalon.
The portal of my desolation and healing,
The place that was soft, dark and dreamless.
The place that ended all my memories,
I tried to share it with you in good company.
The pain of being apart is like crimson butterflies,
Fluttering about like a white bird with Autumnal spirit.
In the end close up, was it nothing but an illusion?
All fake smiles, and broken lullabies,
I really can not make you love me.
Morgan the shape changer, it is show-time,
As I become a moth attracted to your flame.
Your beautiful lies, and I have opened my eyes,
I will be your silken enchantress, the knight’s lady.
Imagine the day after tomorrow underwater,
On the Autumnal metamorphoses one last breath.
With hopeless reflections of infinity of maybe loneliness,
As the moth, I will look for myself on the Isle.
My own enchanted garden amongst the mist of Avalon,
One summer night, when I am no longer a bitch.
And if you can get there, amongst the apple blossoms,
Before the clocks tick my life away.
And the rest of me becomes an angel,
Tell me the truth about your feelings.


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