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Wand out of hell

Wand comes from the Gothic windan, which mean wind or bind. The wand is used to bind the energies of a spell or a ritual together. Both the God and Goddess are invoked with the wand, as well as energy being directed and drawing of magical symbols. The energy will be sent the direction the wand is pointing. The wand is the representation of the air element. Wands are usually made of fallen wood, and different woods represent different uses. Alder wands are used for spells for self-confidence and spiritual growth. Apple is used in faerie magick. Ash is used in connection with intelligence and wisdom. Beech is used in divination. Birch is seen as the symbol of re-birth. Cedar is used for cleansing negative energies. Cherry is used is overcoming obstacles, intuition, and insight. Elder is used as protection against evil and more inspiration. Elm is associated with endurance and the passing of stages especially from this life into the next. Hawthorn opens insight and provides psychic protection. Hazel is used for artistic abilities and optimism. Holly is purity and logic. Ivy is determination and optimism. Lilac is used in love spells. Maple is used for intellectual pursuits and gaining knowledge. Oak is used for protection. Popular is a great universal wood. Vine is used for excitement and authority. Walnut is used in astral projection and weather working. Willow is used in dealing with life, death and re-birth. This is just scratching the surface of wood and their magical uses.


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