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I need a chalice

The element of water is represented in the use of chalice as a drinking vessel during rituals. Like the cauldron, it is the representation of the feminine and the womb and is used with the athame during a symbolic Great Rite. Chalices are very useful during a ritual as they can also be used for mixing salt and water for consecration, mixing potions, invoking the power of the moon, conjuring emotions, presenting offerings and pouring liberation and toasting during a sumble. The chalice can be made from any material. The chalice or cup seems to be unique in ritual tools as Crowley himself indicated “The Cup can hardly be described a weapon. It is round like the pantacle.not straight like the wand and the dagger, Reception, not projection, is its nature. So that which is round to him is a symbol of the influence from the higher. This circle symbolizes the Infinite, as every cross or Tau represents the Finite.”


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