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Cauldrons are strange

Cauldrons or pots are symbolic of cyclical times, lunar circle, inspiration and magick. It is traditional for the cauldrons to be made of iron and sit upon three legs. Cauldrons are representive of Mother Earth and the three legs in turn celebrates the Triple Goddess, the three stages of the moon, (waxing, full and waning,), and as a magical number. Cauldrons with four legs are used more with the four elements, the four watchtowers, and the four major fire festivals. Cauldrons are more than their practical use of boiling water and cooking but for making potions, magical brews and posions. The word cauldron comes from the Latin cauldus meaning hot and Sanskrit cra to boil. The cauldron could also be used as a source of scrying when filled with water. It is essential the symbol of the Goddess, femininity and fertility. The cauldron as it holds water is associated with the west. They are closely associated with Celtic Traditions as they are central to two important myths, Cerridwen’s cauldron and the Cauldron of Rebirth, the key component of the legend Bran.



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