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The Lilith Effect

You land as gently as a butterfly.
Your concept is as a heartless bitch.
You will be there at the Apocalypse.
Take your rightful place as a Goddess.
As the night begins to slowly crawl.
The darkest hour you begin to tease.
Embracing the cold whispers of huluppu.
Inconceivable loved as a source of hurt.
Queen of the night, darkness and pain.
Keeper of the moons sorrows and secrets.
I’ll pretend on this night of the witches.
That you are sending your love to me.
Still here waiting for you not to suffer.
I won’t leave you here alone my angel.
Something is still missing, a nightly lover.
Bury you deep inside me, sweet angel of death.
Around that corner, will you follow me?
Without a child it is easier to fly.
Without a mother it is harmony.
In the ice cold of loneliness.
Under the huluppu tree we sinned.
The Eve of bones, we became saints.
A whiter shade of pale singing dark songs.
You make me see the light, stand my ground.
I will follow and haunt your owls.
Sweet bloody kisses, I am not ashamed,
To say that I am alone and waiting for you.


Comments on: "The Lilith Effect" (2)

  1. Bev,that is absolutely beautiful it scans well you are a clever ol’ gal loluv

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