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Wanted love or beauty.

What is love? The songwriters would say that is love is a many splendid thing, love makes you happy when you are sad, all you need is love and love makes the world go round. The poets believe that true love is a durable fire, that love is an emblem of eternity, or they have even loved to the point of madness. Even the philosophers have their view on what love is, they see love as the beauty of the soul and that love is life. What does that mean to us? Love is everything especially when it is not there. Love is friendship that will survive eternally, saying I love you when you mean it means more than money, saying I love you when you do not, cuts deeper than a knife. Love is never chocolate boxes or roses, it is dirtier and crueller than that. It makes you think that you are with a God or a Goddess when you are not, you are only in love with a human (hopefully!). When we are in love with someone the imperfect person becomes perfect, and when it dies, they return to being imperfect. Yet we crave it more than anything else, and would not survive without it.


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