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Another’s Sorrow

You will always been another’s sorrow,
Never mine, not today or tomorrow.
Even if I travelled out to sea,
Completely senseless it would be.
I spin your worries into my own,
You will lose yourself within my zone.
My fall will be for you, my demise,
Dreaming of a dark fever in those eyes.
You were not my first love but my last,
Remembering you is such a bitter blast.
The black swan thinks she is in love,
With the sanctuary of the white dove.
This sacrificial suicide can not be escaped,
Silence as my heart is bound and taped.
I no long believe in miracles and dreams,
Serenity that is filled with strangled screams.
Devastation rules my life and my heart,
The “once upon a nightmare” part.
Between the worlds I seduce your soul,
Another Yule not feeling completely whole.
Sweetly like sugar, I ask you not to wail,
My idol on me you did not want to bail.
On reflection and in the underworld,
The little ice princess was unfurled.
My water lilies have turned blood red,
Sending you my heart within my head.
I alone hold the key to your deepest desire,
My memories of the attack are nothing but dire.
Like the red queen I am pushed against the wall,
Another angel down and forced to crawl.
Poisoned by love and led to my extinction,
The Huntress, Raven, can not make the distinction.
So this is the song of the sea, my little bird,
Hiding from the wolf that unspoken word.
My evanescence song for the autumn red,
This queen of hearts is in need of a warmed bed.
This nocturnal maiden has a raining heart,
For every deeply silent night we are apart.
Die, die beautiful happiness has come,
Slithering like a snake to a charmer’s drum.
Heart in a cage, looking for absolution,
My small secret feeding the pollution.
As your peace maker, I take you to red dreams,
As your high priestess, I lust for cooling streams.
I could be your succubus, but I leave alone,
When that part of me dies, devour me prone.
So here is to you, the heir of my shades,
My dreams, my shadows, and bloodied blades.
For you are another’s sorrow.
Not mine, today or tomorrow.


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