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Bags and Books to Work

Bags and pouches are an important but often forgetting tool of the craft. For example tarot readers keeps their cards in a tarot bags, and builds up a respect for the cards. By placing these cards in a bag, you are also protecting them from negative energy. There is also the practice of creating Mojo bags (also called gris-gris and conjuring bags) filled with herbs, powders, personal items such as hair clippings, symbolic representation of what is being conjured, coins for wealth, heart for love etc. and/or a piece of paper with the wish written on it. Another form of this is dream pillows, to help your unconscious mind deal with the problem in hand. These are also useful if you are being plagued by nightmares. Many pagans have used herbs to alter dreams, in the similar way that certain smells invoke memories or mood, then herbs can do the same. A book of shadows is a record of your pagan life. A book of shadows usually records things such as spells and magical workings, information on herbs, crystals, sabats, recipes, symbolism, God and Goddess and the really talented also include sketches. If the information comes from somewhere other than your own experiences, then it is worth noting that source. As time goes by you may notice a pattern with their information. Another section you may like to include is a section on books that you have read and what you thought of them.


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