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Sweet Bells and Athames

Bells are often used to banish evil spirits, and is used to signify the beginning and the end of a ritual. It is also used as part of invocation, chants and mediation. It is also used to call the Goddess. This is due to the vibrations being sent out from the ringing off the bell. There is no specific bell needed. If hung on the door it is a sign of protection. An athame is a knife that is used in rituals. A black-handled athame is mentioned in the Key of Solomon. It is an important ritual tool but it is not used for cutting. An athame is used for magical purpose such as directing energy as an extension of their body. If you want to be cutting cords or herbs then a white handled knife called Boline. It is believed that you should use these often to increase the familiarity with the tool. An athame is the representation of the male and is symbolical used as male reproductive organ of the Horned God to impregnate the Goddess being represented by the chalice. Traditionally the athame is black-handed or wooden with a blade of steel. Although the blade can be made of wood as well, due to it being more connected to nature and is less risky to carry around if performing ritual outside.


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