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City of decay

It was the day the sun turned black,
That the zombies took over the earth.
The writing was on the wall, the end was nigh,
But you were still my source of happiness and mirth.
Outside was an endless procession of the undead,
Wickedly adorned with the symbols of magic.
Enchanted I watch them go by, friends and family,
But you here to hold me, makes it a little less tragic.
They trample over the gardens, crushing all the flowers,
Possessed they no longer see the beauty of the world,
Sired by an unknown source, government, terrorist,
Rumours are not the only things hurled.
The witch and her cat first took the blame,
Despite being the light in our dark, our healers,
But they could not weather the sorrow,
And disappeared and retracted their feelers.
No one owned up on the darkest night,
When the zombies become the norm.
But here with you, my lost lover and friend,
I do not care why, when you keep me warm.
So for over a month, the white demons has ruled,
Enthralling in their nightly dance.
Mixed within the black winged angels,
Together in their deathly trance.
Tonight the night is ghostly blue,
Alert with feline instincts, ready to run.
To become the queen of darkness,
With my holster and zombie gun.
Resisting the urge for nocturnal temptations,
Although each night may be our last.
If passions become unleashed, death would follow.
And takes us away from life too fast.
To be your virginal bride was all I wanted,
Your wife, lover and artistic muse.
But the undead took away that life,
And we have been left singing the blues.
A glimpse out of the door at the world outside,
I am faced with a sea of faces of winter.
But I can not lie to the broken mirror,
I wish I’d been a better sprinter.
It would almost be too easy to give up,
To step out into the night, in the toxic city.
Yet you wrap your arms around me,
My lord of the dark, I lose my pity.
I’d would rather take my chance with humans,
And dragons would be a calming force,
But we are hiding for unnatural creation,
Who want to eat us as a main course.
There are searching for us like a falcons,
Homing in on its petrified prey.
As we hid with the comforter of darkness,
Waiting for the end in the city of decay
As the zombies surround the house,
I hold you in my arms and one last kiss.
Pounding on the door, the end is now,
Dying with you would be zombified bliss.


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