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Above and Closer

As I live my life as a human machine,
We glanced by on a chance meeting.
We met across the theatrical line,
Missed you and took a beating.
Do you want to play with me?
Pressurised into being ghost of belief.
I could be your Celtic Lilith,
And you could be my loving thief.
I no longer want to be ice hearted,
I will not push you further away.
You could demystify the laws of death,
Mirages of heaven nearly every day.
You make sure that nothing is forgotten,
Make me face my painful emotion.
While you are hard at work,
I drank a chalice of Hydra’s potion.
You watched me going under,
Locked within my secret room.
Talking to my nocturnal temptations,
Their ID leads to my lonely doom.
At first you were my gothic doll,
Rainbows were the place we never met.
We had more than a night of madness,
The three sisters of you was more than a threat.
I was beyond coming undone,
I was driven by a disease.
But you give me a glimpse of my future,
Water words started to freeze.
I not longer search for you in unfriendly skies,
You are no longer anonymous and unknown.
My blood no longer drops when you are around,
You are part of me, my darkly crone


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