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I turn to obsession.

Today is the beginning of OCD awareness week. This is one of those things that I have often wondered if I am slightly OCD. I am not obsessed with cleanliness and germs which is usually the “classic” form of OCD. Mine comes from a need for EVERYTHING to be alphabetised DVDS, CDS, Books, Herbs and Spices, Beauty products, Make-up, basically if it has writing on it, it can be put in a order. The other is a very complicated system of how I live my life, including what I wear, what I ate, what I watch and so much that it would take a small novel to explain it all. The DSM IV diagnoses OCD are recurrent and persistent thoughts that are not part of the normal worries of daily life. These are then suppressed or changed by a different action or thoughts but being aware that these are part of their thought process. This is then coupled with repeated behaviours which is to reduce stress or to prevent something “bad” happening. Adults recognised that this obsessive behaviour is not normal, although children will not. These obsessive behaviour can take hours of people time, or can interfere with people’s normal social functions. The repeated behaviour can also be present in other diagnosed disorders such as eating disorders, Trichotillomania, body dismorphia etc.. This behaviours should not have their source in drug abuse or a medical condition. Therefore for me, yes I am a little OCD.

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