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Can’t hurt me now

Dear you,

You, all of you, remains nameless here but I know all your names, all of you that hurt me. You that dragged me round the playground by my ponytail, you that punched and kicked me. The physical wounds healed and that has made me stronger. Most of you used words as weapons against me. You made fun of my size, my glasses, my intelligence, the fact that I was different. But it was you, the care giver with your harsh words, insults and curses that left the permanent scars. You left me screaming internally and with a distorted view on love and affection. You never gave me praise but always so quick to criticise. I stand here today and say I no longer care. Your bitterness has eaten you up inside and it is you that is a shell, a shadow. I have achieved so much more than you. I have stepped out of the small town shadow and into the big lights, I have qualifications and have had more passion in all my failed love affairs then you did in one marriage. Yes, you made me who I am today, but some of it I did myself, so I am scarred but I am beautiful.

Yours in Numbness

The Survivor.


Comments on: "Can’t hurt me now" (4)

  1. Depression loses its power when fresh vision pierces the darkness.

    – Peter Sinclair

  2. Deities are a significant source of vision… the recognition part though is our task. In order to “recognize” it when it arrives, you must have both open eyes and an open mind to all possibilities. If you can do that, half the battle is already won…

    • That is true, blodeuwedd has been with me since the break down of a long term relationship. My eyes and mind are open, it is the heart that is closed.

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