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After Love

Last night I watched a programme called Surviving Hitler: A Love Story. I found the programme very interesting, and moving. The programme was about a Jewish woman and a solider and their part in the Valkyrie plot and how despite all that they were going through they still loved each other and become the first people to wed in postwar Germany. It was beautiful to think of love surviving in such a time of hate, like a rose growing amongst the weeds, but it also make me wonder if in today’s society have we made love as disposable as everything else. As Meat Loaf sang “Is nothing sacred any more? Is forever just another word? When love was worth fighting for. ” How can we measure happiness? Divorce rates? My parents stayed together and they admit that they do not love each other. Is that happiness? Has love become mundane? Has love become something we just do? Is love not tested any more? And therefore they is no need to fight for it. I wish I had some answers. I have nothing but questions.


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