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Greatest Patience

Today has been spent waiting and I hate it. I do suffer from bouts of procrastination. Even then I’m is still something productive, like reading, poetry and even blog writing instead of doing more important stuff like cleaning! But who wants to do cleaning? Some of the waiting is essential, things happened. So an hour today is spent waiting because of a backlog. However, nearly two hour were spent waiting because of poor time management. Ten people were all called in at the same time, just to sign some paperwork and then we had to hang around and wait to be seen individually. Am I the only one that saw this as a total waste of time? What did not help was the fact that the computer were not working but that is one of those things. Another thing that seemed to make the whole thing drag was that fact that we were all in there and not saying a word to each other. These appointments ironically were to improve my job prospects. I would suggest that those three hour I spent today waiting actually searching for jobs. But hey what do I know? The next session may be more beneficial to me as this will include how to answer an application form and computer skills, although I did point that as part of my course to computer programmes called SPSS and NVIVO and the lady asked me what that was, my response was Excel with Steroids which she thought was a good description. I aim to please. I will return next week with a smile on my face.


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