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It came from CCTV

It seems that CCTV are being placed in lots of schools including the bathrooms and changing rooms. I do not have any children but as a victim of bully I thought that CCTV was a good idea but was disturbed by the thought of these cameras in bathrooms and changing room until it was pointed out to me that is where most of the bullying takes place. Another issue is who is watching the monitors and what would happen to those tapes. We have all heard of incidents of important documents being left on trains etc., what would happen to these tapes if they fell into “the wrong hands”. There is also the concern that is there anyone watching these monitors at all. If they are employing people to watch the camera then why not just have them “patrolling” these areas. However, I remember in school the changing rooms being monitored by the P.E teacher. I’m still not convinced that CCTV should be in bathrooms and changing rooms.


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