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A little piece of my mind.

I have just finished a book called The Homeless Mind by Berger which a very interesting book. The basic concept is that technology has taken over so much that we have stopped using our mind. The book sets itself out as a manual indicating the problems that has happens within the modernization and being aware of what this means that we become better equipped to deal with these problems. They believed that the modernization of the world, mainly in the form of technology and politics, has left society scared and confused. This is causing society to separate into two distinctive thought pattern for both the public and private sphere. This in turn means that the individual feel distant from society as a whole and becomes more and more isolated within the private sphere. This is what is termed within the book as psychological homelessness, hence the title of the book. However, the book has no easy conclusion to realign the homeless mind within the modernised society. They do have many ideas and theories that the reader is bombarded with and it would be difficult to give them all a space within this blog. This seems to be a issue for Berger and often uses loaded words instead of paragraphs of information and this means a loss in the flow of the text. This is a book that was written in 70’s and I do not think technology is tying us to the home as it use to and yet I think the mind is still homeless.


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  1. I have thought of that ever since I was a kid, when I saw how slower my mind had become when I started to use my calculator more often.
    Technology does have its disadvantages after all. Sounds like an interesting read.

    • It is an interesting book, maybe a little out of date, in the sense that technology keeps you in a home which with mobile technology is not true. if it is something that appeals then I think you should read it.

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