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Wild Funeral

I recently came across a comment about living funerals and I’m not sure about this concept. A living funeral is, in essence a funeral that you are alive for. You lie in a coffin, make yourself look dead and listen to people say good (or bad, depending on who you are) things about you. I suppose a funeral is the best party you get to go to. I believe that your spirit, essence, whatever you call it is at a funeral anyway and you’d hear what was being said. I suppose the benefit of a living funeral is you get to eat and drink whatever on offer, but this could lead to a Scrooge inspired epiphany if you do not realise how unloved or horrible you are. The worry would be that this becomes a fad amongst those celebrities that have more money than sense and turns this in a gaudy excuse for a night of debauchery. Several celebrities such as Katie Price, Elton John and Victoria Beckham have already turned the sacred act of a wedding into a farce, why not a funeral as well? Not that I’m indicating that this is likely to happen in the near future for any of them. Is it something I would do? Probably not, I think pretending to be dead is just asking for it to come true, and if you have true friends then they will tell you now, without the funeral if you are a nice or horrible person. If you are reading this and thinking you do not have such friends then would a living funeral make much difference?


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  1. So… you fake your own death to see what people say about you? If they have nice things to say, I would imagine that would change once the secret is out.

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