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The Homeless Spirit

As I walked this path, I can not see what you see,
I can not see the beauty, I just want to flee.
Scummy water, discarded rubbish, dog poo,
I’m here now, and there is nothing I can do.
I can not see what brought you to this place,
And as we walk I can not keep to your pace.
Then all of a sudden, we passed through a veil,
The place opened up to a grander scale.
The beauty of the place started to shine through,
Wild flowers homes to hidden shrews.
Quietly, unobtrusively as not to frighten us away,
Blossoming more than flowers in May.
Willows bent under the sheer weight of their vigour,
Touching it made me want to snigger.
A wildness that was free yet controlled,
A world shimmer in the colour of green gold.
With every step my heart and soul grew lighter,
I become more of the lover, less of the fighter.
I seem to shed the layers of everyday,
And all those things I can never drive away.
The pain, the hurt, the tedium,
Never reaching that happy medium.
To come here, this shiny glory,
Is a whole different story.
To the place to first captured your soul,
A place that made you spiritual whole.
The glorious ash tree so magnificent to behold,
A celebration of peace seemed to take hold.
As we sat and mediated the ash shared with me,
A vision that buzzed about me like a bee.
I saw myself as a Goddess, calmed from my rage,
But I was starting life on a new page.
Kneeling with my loves head on my lap,
Blissfully taking a dreamless nap.
I gently stroke your face and kiss your forehead,
No longer seeing love as a bitter warhead.
And then you leave me to follow your own love,
Like peace following the rock dove.
Now that I had calmed your angelic fears,
A swamp being created by my tears.
You walk away from me and just when you’re nearly gone,
Now that you all that you’d bet your life on.
You both turn and beckon me to follow,
A joy that did not leave me hollow.
To stay one step behind you both,
To catch you would be my oath.
I sharply return to stone cold reality,
Fallen back into my locality.
The tickling spider crawl on my breast,
I knew I should have been better dressed.
This journey was more than a vision but a life choice,
I can sing on the top of my hardened voice.
You have to walk through the mess and the pain,
To see the rainbows of happiness again.


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