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Mabon is unusual compared to the other Celtic holidays that are sometimes celebrated by modern pagans as it is Welsh. Mabon translates as son, usually associated with Mabon ap Modron, meaning Son of Mother. There is some indication that he may have been a sacrificial king, who lost his mortal name, becoming Mother’s Son, living and dying in her name. The Mothers was a collective name often given to land spirits, as well as White Ladies, it is may have led to all energies, spirits etc., being collective known as the Great Mother. The Mothers were seen as a form of feminise energies, who give life energy to a particular area, but she is one Mother of many. The only known myth of Mabon is that within minutes of his birth, he is taken from his mother. How this happens is unknown, he is imprisoned in a castle until his Uncle Arthur (yes King Arthur), as had been prophesied rescued him, and was then involved in the Wooing of Olwen. There is no indication of how long that Mabon is imprisoned, although King Arthur rescues a young man, and not a child. Then Mabon disappears, if he is involved in the Wooing of Olwen it is not recorded. There is another a divine son in Welsh myth, and the similarities between them can not be ignored. Pwyll’s and Rhiannon’s baby also magically disappears, only to reappear years later unharmed.


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