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Melancholic Woman

I am a woman who you tell your troubles to,
The one who listens and understands.
You will smile and sometimes say thanks,
But you do not extend to me your hands.
I am the one that will listen to your holidays,
The great time that you and friend had.
But you will never ask me to join you,
And this will makes me feel so bad.
You share with me your family gatherings,
You borrow a recipe and baking pan.
I have no family from miles around.
But I’m not your aunt, sister or nan.
I am the one with the book you want to borrow,
The name of the doctor, or local shop.
The one who knows all the best places,
I am the person that does not know when to stop.
I am the one who is willing to pitch in,
Whether it is to boost your personal passion.
Or to hold your hand at the doctors,
Then you disregard me like last years fashion.
I am the one who asks you out for lunch,
For you to cancel on me twice.
I am the outsider, the stranger,
The “not from around here, Miss Price?”
I am educated, and well-dressed,
Very literate and extremely polite.
I am a woman, neighbour, friend,
I’m not the one to start the fight.
I do not go to your churches,
I do not celebrate the same days as you.
I was not born, or grew up here,
I am the one who has to make do
I am the one with few friends,
You do not want to see my tears.
Do not blame yourself readers,
I have felt like this for years.
I have lived a life of melancholy,
Maybe you are the holder of the key.
Freeing me of the shackles of dolefulness,
All I want to know is do you see me?


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