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Back to madness

After reading the Anatomy of Melancholy, it has re-sparked my consciousness about my own source of melancholy, and decided to do one of those “what mental illness do you have?” quizzes on-line. I know that they are NOT a diagnostic tool but I was interested in what they might throw up. It suggested that I was moderately Obsessive-Compulsive, Dependent, Avoidant, Narcissistic, Histrionic, and Schizotypal. The last one was the shocking and what does that actually mean. According to the website it is believed to be a mild form of schizophrenia and is characterised by someone with odd forms of thinking and perceiving, seeking isolation from others, believing that they have an extra sensory perception, eccentric behaviour, speeches that are elaborate and sometimes difficult to follow. Someone who is superstitious, believes in the paranormal, odd beliefs and magical thinking. Most of those “criteria” I would apply to most people who follow a nature based religion. Does this mean we are all schizotypal? Or is this another example of science and religion competing? Like Joan of Arc hearing God we seem to want to silence those that are in touch with something beyond the “normal” peoples realms. However, like mentioned it was NOT a diagnostic tool but still ended up throwing up some interesting ideas.


Comments on: "Back to madness" (2)

  1. Having seen what psychology classes as sane people, I feel happier not being one of them.

  2. Me too. It just shocked me that some of those “criteria” for being schizotypal seem quite archaic. It just seem that by believe in fairies, spirits, and anything else that can not be “seen” makes you mad. I can not see gravity but I believe that it is there and while it has been scientifically proven to exist, maybe one day the other things may also be scientifically validity.

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