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Echoes of Love

You led me to the place where hemlock meets the oak.
By the amber waters of Babylon.
A place full of the whispers of love.
And the blazing screams of banging hate.
The wind speaks of maddening possession.
It batters me without any mercy.
And dances about me like an evil ballerina.
It is filled with hateful intention.
A burning flame tells tales of mystery ways.
It burns with violent cruelty and breaking dawns.
As I remember that I was never good.
Passions that was deemed as immoral.
The winding river sings that I can live.
That she would never give up on me.
A mere taste would keep me young forever.
I know that she wants to possess me.
The earth is narrating tales of tragedy.
Its deep, dark soil is up to no good.
It seems to conspire to take me away.
It is ingraining into every groove.
It tells my heart that it is a fool.
My spirit shrieks a warning like a crow.
I need to make it out of here alive.
It rebels against the songs of passion.
It cried that I need to flee this place.
I turn to you to fire the killing blow.
I realise the words I hear are not yours.
But echoes of love that died many years ago.
In this place, hemlock and oak weeps.
Here, the amber waters are on fire.
And yet I am here, still waiting.
Air wants it their way, fire turns to stars.
Water keeps on living, earth is stricken.
Between us there are flying sparks.
I want to be the first thing you see.
You take me in your arms and kiss me.
Your kisses opened up Pandora’s box.
Leaving me with nothing but tuneful hope.
You take my hand and lead me from this place.
A place that holds nothing but echoes of dead love.


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