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Lammas “violence”

Lammas is seen as the time of sacrifice and this can be interpreted as violence by some people.  One of the ways this is achieved is to make a bread man or woman, and giving it a name. One source suggested calling it the Pillsbury dough boy, but more traditional names at this time is Lugh, (as the Sabbath is named after him) or Orisis (as he was sacrified by his brother). For the female version they are not some many “traditional” names, but some suggestions include Corn lady, Seed Woman or even Freya (as she is the giver of bread) or Ziva ( the Grain Goddess of Eastern Europe).  This Bread man or Woman becomes part of the feasting ceremony. The sacrifice occurs as the leader of the ritual tears the bread to piece to share with the other coven members with words such as “May you never hunger”, which is similar to the Christian “Give us this day our daily bread”, or if you are a Welsh rugby fan like me, “Bread of Heaven, feed me til I eat no more”. It is a good idea to share this with a toast of cider or apple juice (apples are the seasonal fruit of this time) with the words “May you never thirst”. This is the perfect opportunity to share with others the highlight(s) of the year so far. Another “human sacrifice” is done in the style of a corn dolly. This is taking dried out corn husk and fashioning them into a corn dolly. This is the visualisation of the harvest. As she is being created pour into her what you have achieved this harvest time. Again naming her is traditional and she should be clothed in an apron, skirt and a bonnet and keep in a special place in the home, maybe your altar. It is kept until Spring when it is sacrificed when the planting of the first crops.

Lammas as well as being the time of harvest and preserves is also a time of regrets and goodbyes. These can either be private thoughts or can become part of the ritual itself. Regrets can be those things that you intended to do but either never got round to or they just did not come to fruition. Farewells could be things leaving your life.  This is a fire festival and if possible a bonfire should be present. Here your regrets and goodbyes could be written on a piece of paper and burned in the bonfire.  Telling stories around the camp fire can also be part of the ritual, of myths associated at this time like the abduction of Demeter daughter (Greek) or Ceres daughter (Roman), Tallus Mater who is the Roman Earth Mother, or any myths that appeals to your path, or maybe even create your own modern interpretation.


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  1. The importance attached to sacrifice has been lost over time. Gratitude and selflessness have been replaced by greed and boorishness. The sacrificial themes of the pagan autumnal holidays are a step in the right direction… hopefully they do not suffer the same ill fate as the yule-tide seasons.

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